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The angle formed by the space between your spread index and middle finger is 30°. You’re welcome.


DSDN252 Project 1. Bio-mechanics of the finger.

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I know I should give DeBlasio a chance, but I’m moving to Reykjavik.


We got Gnarr!

I’m proud to announce that this June, we’re publishing a memoir by Jon Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik. Don’t know Gnarr?

Noam Chomsky called him “my favorite mayor.”

Lady Gaga said “more mayors should be like Jon Gnarr.”

He’s a comedian, a cross dresser, an anarchist, and the best mayor you’ve ever seen. Imagine if Stephen Colbert had run for mayor of New York and won, and then was actually really great at the job.

That’s Jon Gnarr.

Get ready.

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Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock (1954)

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Hilarious. (Offensive, but hilarious.)

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Impressive defense! 


Air Hockey Robot Project (a 3D printer hack) (by Jose Julio)